Chicken BBQ

Chicken BBQ

Event Date:

July 3rd


As many Central Mass dwellers know, the Town of Rutland hosts a week-long celebration of our country’s independence, during the week of July 4th.  This tradition, including the parade on the 4th, has roots that go back 8 decades.  It’s a fun-filled week that few other towns in the Commonwealth can match. It’s a delicious late afternoon repast, usually served starting at about 4:30p behind the fire station and typically consisting of half a charcoal-grilled chicken (breast and one leg) dusted with super-secret spices, chips, soda, and great company.


This event is held during the town’s week of celebration for the 4th of July, typically on July 3rd, which is the same day as the town’s fireworks.


It’s a general fundraiser that supports all of the Brigade’s intentions, including support for the fire department, more general charitable donations to various groups, and support of various town organizations and events (such as the Boy Scouts, the Historical Society, and the Christmas Tree Festival)

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